Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

I'm toooo tired to write a complete post but here are the weekend highlights:

Successfully spent the whole long weekend with not a single minute spent watching TV
Saw 9 deer , 1 red fox, and 127 giant daddy long legs
Spent an entire day a the beach and didn't even burn a little bit, FSU was not so lucky
Had a great workout Saturday morning
Picked fresh tomatoes from the garden, then promptly gave them to my grandmother
Visited grandma
Found a great birthday gift for FSU's little sister
Didn't look at my work phone for a full 3 days
Took two baths complete with bubbles and bath salts, just because I could
Spent lots of time with FSU, not talking about wedding crap (best part of the weekend)
Survived 4 hours in the truck sandwiched in with the dog... the very fidgety dog
Unpacked everything as soon as we got home and still made dinner

Not to mention my quick trip to FL last weekend/week during which I...
Went on a few bridesmaid shopping trips as Teeny's MOH, saw her in a wedding dress for the first time! got to see Mel who looks amazing, and so happy!!
Had homemade chicken and dumplings with my family
Took a quick trip to visit the McKeebys for a fantastic dinner, great company, and finally met the cutest little girl ever
Got to see our wedding venue in person for the first time, and brought along FSU's mom and sister for good measure
Decided on a wedding coordinator
Met with the caterer
Spent quality time with my big sister, who is by the way, moving up to the DC area very soon!

Now, all I have to do is get through three work days, and figure out the cheapest way to go on my upcoming girls trip to SC. I am so very very tired.

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Joely Poley said...

Glad you got to finally meet her! Your fam is great! Your mom and I are going to have to sit together at the wedding so I can pick her brain. Im glued to that damn book.