Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grumpy Pants

I am going to preface this post by saying what you all already know:

I love FSU, I have never been happier and I truly believe I am the luckiest girl alive.

That being said, being in a great relationship does not make everything in your life rainbows and unicorn whiskers and fairy dust. Once in awhile, very very rarely, I miss living on my own and I'm going to tell you why,

I want to...
watch trashy, girly TV shows without anyone commenting or complaining,
have a My So-called Life marathon complete with crying and a dance party for one,
only have to clean up after myself,
eat randoms things for dinner like cereal/fruit and cheese/pepperocinis and crackers,
skip the gym and not feel guilty about it because my FSU goes every fucking day,
leave the bathroom door open,
only fold my own laundry, and
not have a dog.

I should elaborate on the last one because if you have only seen pictures of Zeus you're probably wondering how I could be so heartless given that he is so adorable and lovable?

He sheds everywhere, including these little wiry furs that get stuck in your feet, we call them "Zeus Splinters",

He chews his feet, and other parts, creating the most disgusting sounds you could ever imagine,

You have to wear shoes in the house because he always drinks from his bowl and then drools all over the floor from the kitchen into the living room, stepping in drool puddles is not fun and cleaning them up 78 times a day isn't either

The entire house smells like a dog, no matter what I do

Worst of all, he whines and I don't mean a cute little whimper, I mean he whines and it sounds like we are murdering a small non-English speaking child. He does this for long periods of time for no apparent reason.

The good thing though, just writing this made me feel better. I was planning on just going to bed early and giving up on this day, but now I think I'll go curl up next to FSU on the couch and hope he's not annoyed with me for being such a grump today.


Teeny said...

First of all, your blog looks so pretty! When did you do this? Second, I feel you. Juan has upgraded me from "grumpy pants" to "grumpula". As in, I am Grumpula, Queen of the Grumps, hear me roar.

Winnie said...

Anyone who says they never feel this way is either demented or a liar. I love that Juan travels occasionally because it gives me time to watch my trashy "reality" TV shows and eat Ramen Noodles and tomato slices for dinner. I can take a shower on my schedule and not worry about being elbowed in the face while I sleep. That said, by day two I always miss him terribly. Dogs and husbands/fiances: they drive you crazy, but you can't imagine life without them.