Thursday, August 19, 2010

are carnations really that bad?

I've learned over the past few weeks that I know absolutely nothing about flowers. Okay, I knew there is a stigma associated with carnations and that I love hydrangeas but otherwise, totally clueless.

Today I must have looked at thousands of photos of different flowers. I think I need to find a flower shop and see them in person.

Also, can we talk about the carnations stigma? I know I know, someone somewhere says you're not supposed to use them. But what if your budget is teeny tiny, and what if they look like this...

I have in mind something more along the lines of hydrangeas, sweet peas and gardenias, but after looking at price per stem of flowers today, I really don't know what we will end up with.

All these details make me crazy, I just want someone else to plan it all for me, and of course to pay for it as well. So far we have a photographer and a venue both of which I am 100% thrilled about. Catering is next on my list, and we have absolutely no idea what we want.


Teeny said...

Carnations are great, don't let the stigma bother you. I am seriously considering an all baby's breath wedding and those aren't even real flowers, just filler! Bottom line, flowers are expensive and they die. Go with something you like and that you're comfortable paying for and don't worry about it.

Z said...

there are so many reasons you are my best friend