Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New York Minute

I am headed to New York just for the night tonight, I haven't been in quite sometimes. I have a love-hate relationship with the place.

At this very moment I love it, and by the end of the day tomorrow I will hate it, I'm calling it now. The fact that it is boiling hot is not going to help matters.

I do have two very good reasons for visiting though, after a long period of silence between friends I have recently gotten back in touch with two of my all time favorite people who both happen to live a few blocks from each other in New York. It is so nice when you get back in touch with old friends, and that water just flows right under the bridge, and it's like you never left off.

It might be a good thing my meeting isn't until after lunch tomorrow, since things can quickly get out of hand when there's more than two of us together...

Just a mini preview of the girls weekend coming up in September, which I am counting the days until.


New aGe said...

Can't wait to see you!!!!!

I'll chill the wine :)

JGIWC said...