Saturday, May 1, 2010

We might be a little weird

If I could in good conscience tell you all the weird shit FSU and I find hilarious, you would probably stop reading this, or at least not be friends with us.

Today we shared a disgusting energy drink while shopping at Target, because let's face it we're not getting any younger and we went to bed after 11 last night...

I was subsequently in a particularly nice mood (not being sarcastic for once) and said to FSU, "I am so in love with you" to which he replied without skipping a beat, "You're stupid". Which we both thought was extremely hilarious.

Neither one of us believe in PDA, so thank god no one else has to witness our strange manner of affection.

Our little furry family crossed a milestone today, we got the cat to the vet for the first time since we got her, and no one lost blood! Sookie bomb is in perfect health, although the vet did say we needed to make sure she didn't gain any more weight. Little does he know she has been on a diet for a couple months now.

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