Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's sick really

Becoming a morning workout person. You have these moments where you almost find yourself annoying.

For example; last night at the end of a particularly good "Tone" class in which I participated fully in the cardio warm up without even so much as an eye roll (gag me) my favorite instructor announced that she would be switching her schedule to teach the 6:30 AM class and I actually thought to myself, "that's great now I can go before work!".

I know, I am disgusting. First of all I have a favorite workout class instructor, and shes peppy. Secondly, I not only can make it through a 6 AM workout, I really like going in the morning.

The worst part of all of this, I haven't lost a single pound. And I am a cardio, pilates, squatting, lunging, weight lifting freak. I even enjoy protein shakes at this point. Good lord I can't believe I just wrote that, someone put me out of my energetic, active misery. Whatever, they are mint chocolate chip flavored after all....


Teeny said...

I envy you. I'm hoping I can get to the point where working out at 8 every morning doesn't make me stabby. Also, where on Earth do you get Mint Chocolate flavored protein shakes? I'm in.

Winnie said...

I envy/hate your ferver for excercise. Do I need to bring my running shoes to Edisto?