Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girls weekend used to sound boring

Now it sounds like a magical place where I don't have to think about work (although I am sure I will) and I don't have to clean the house or go to the gym or get up early for any reason. Except maybe to get a tan.

I cannot believe I am 26. It's not that I think 26 is old, it's that I still feel like I'm 17 sometimes, only with better hair styling skills and longer dresses.

When I was actually 17 I was boy crazy, and I mean CRAAZZZY. Spending an entire weekend with just girls would have been a heinous crime. I was inseparable from my then boyfriend. Now partly because I have peace of mind in that area (hello trust), and partly because I realize the importance of my girlfriends, I could not be more excited.

I am going to get drunk on two drinks, eat Teeny's homemade cinnamon rolls, gossip viciously with Winnie on the car ride and for the love of god get some sun. I do know it's only Wednesday, but I have been counting the days until I could walk on a beach again since... well December when I was last on a beach. I'll drink to all the fabulous friends who couldn't be there this weekend, you especially Miss Hughey. I hope you are all doing something relaxing this weekend.

Maybe a higher power will grant me the ability to not check my blackberry.


Teeny said...

I cannot wait!! If I wasn't so tired I wouldn't be able to sleep from all the anticipation.

Winnie said...

We're in luck! Sometimes the cell phone coverage on Edisto can be really spotty :)