Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nacho Buzz and Bellybutton Gender

You know how people say you get a contact high from being around people who are smoking? I think I get a contact buzz from being near other people drinking. It's either that or I get drunk on nachos and water, which is actually possible considering how much I love nachos.

I came home from happy hour just as FSU was getting home from the gym (clearly he's much less enthusiastic about nachos than I am) and when I hugged him I just squeezed him tight and then blurted out; "our bellybuttons just fucked and my bellybutton is the man in this bellybutton relationship". So, there's that. It does kind of make sense though because I have an outtie and he has an innie.

And there is a chance that it is contagious. For some god awful reason I got sucked into watching a Modern Marvels episode about soft drinks and when they got to root beer FSU dropped this little gem; "you're fucking gay if your life is tasting root beer" and then 1 minute later, "wait you can treat herpes with root beer?"

I'm 95% sure the last statement was merely fascination and not something I should worry about.


Teeny said...

YES! This is the my favorite thing you've ever written. Also, J thinks I have an abnormal obsession with bellybuttons and it's all your fault. Sigh. I miss you.

LiLu said...


Can you?


I mean, what?