Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chelsea in Review

Well over the weekend FSU and I went to see Chelsea Handler at DAR Constitution Hall here in DC. Heather longboobs opened and she was mildly funny, and Chelsea herself was pretty hilarious, but my overall attitude for the night was marred by a number of things, none of which had anything to do with the actual stand-up.

First, DAR was not impressive. Sure from the outside its a gorgeous building, but when you get inside it's all musty and cramped and they were serving chicken fingers. I don't know but for some reason I was expecting something better. I know I'm supposed to think it was an"intimate setting" and "appreciate the history" or something. I didn't.

Second, the woman who sat down next to me, and by next to me I mean practically on my lap because the seats are extremely close together, smelled like an ashtray and talked on her cell phone at least halfway into longboob's act. We also had an ongoing battle over the arm rest, and you know I don't give up easily.

If you haven't seen Chelsea though, I would recommend it, although I think women would definitely relate more than men, remind me to tell you about the banana seat. I really almost peed my pants on that one. Sidenote though, I don't know what kind of company Chelsea keeps, but I certainly do not have any female friends who have shat on the floor while drunk. Supposedly everyone knows one person.... maybe my friends are too tame?

I took FSU out for dessert afterwards, and that along with a big drink made the night quite enjoyable overall, but I'm not sure I will be paying to go back to DAR anytime soon.

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