Friday, February 19, 2010

Why are you apologizing to me Tiger?

Let me be clear from the beginning, infidelity is an unforgettable if not unforgivable breach of trust in my book. I have had very personal experience with the significant amount of damage this can have on a family.

That being said, why on earth is Tiger apologizing to you, me and anyone else outside of his family.
Tiger Woods does not owe me a thing, nor does he owe his fans or his sponsors anything. While I of course have my opinion about the situation, because let's face it I have an opinion about everything, personal life means personal life. These "transgressions" really should be between him and his wife, and someday his children when they are old enough. Making a public statement only opens him up to more scrutiny and fuels the media fire. Now they are analyzing his apology.

Why does everyone care so much who he sleeps with, and furthermore why are people so shocked that he cheated? We can't put every professional athlete into a box and label them all lying cheaters, but just because someone is a golfer, wears khakis instead of a uniform, and has a pleasant demeanor doesn't mean they are less susceptible to the same temptations and behaviors as pro basketball or football players? Or anyone supremely rich and famous for that matter.

Also, ladies, don't think just because your man is not famous, rich, or extremely attractive ( although I hope you think he is if you are with him) that he is not capable of the same thing.

And so are you. Everyone is capable of cheating, and it is extremely naive to think otherwise. Its just a matter of to what degree you are exposed to willing conquests, and what kind of self control you have. Sexaholic my ass, what man isn't? It's biological. Some are just better at considering the consequences of their actions than others.