Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My love affair with dental hygiene

If you know me at all, you may know that I am religious about brushing my teeth. I take my dental hygiene religion very seriously. I went to Episcopalian school growing up, and this is MUCH more serious and important than all those silly religion classes. I brush my teeth before and after breakfast.

There is nothing scarier than the thought of losing my teeth. I saw a woman on the Metro the other day who didn't have any teeth and I wanted to cry and scream and run away all at the same time. I also sort of wanted to hug her, but she clearly hadn't brushed her teeth in years, let alone showered in the past week so I had to let it go.

I'm not exactly sure when this torrid love affair started, but it has become a problem of sorts. After we moved in together FSU convinced me to try the sonic, claiming it was so much better and so on. At first it just made me giggle and spray toothpaste all over the mirror. I have very ticklish gums. After awhile I got used to it, and soon I converted completely.

Well. Let me tell you something. It is NOT better. I recently visited the dentist, where he politely told me that if coming to the dentist is relaxing for me it's time to get a new job, and then continued to crush my spirits by telling me I had some plaque buildup. This has never happened. I was struck with emotions, first fear of evil cavities and then sadness for the impending loss of all of my teeth, and then anger. Damn sonic toothbrush. Now I realize FSU only loves it because it appeals to his mechanical engineeriness, it can be taken apart, it uses energy, etc. I have since reverted to my old ways. Traditional toothbrush, and I have always been a traditional floss kind of girl. You are crazy if you think I am going to torture myself with those pronged devices pre-strung with a minuscule amount of floss. FSU has taken to asking me if I am "jumping rope" when I floss. In fact, the other day when I got home from the dentists, I snuck away to re-floss my teeth. I got a new dental hygienist and I'm not sure she is going to make the cut.

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kmd713 said...

OMG, I never post, ever! But I too brush before & after breakfast... Love going to the dentist & always check out people's teeth... I have travel floss... Great blog! Thanks :o) Karen