Friday, February 12, 2010

John Mayer, and Kell on Earth

First of all I don't care who knows it, I LOVE the show "Kell on Earth". I love Kelly Cutrone, I wish I was her. I love her attitude and just the whole deal. It's fabulously delicious. The "interns" remind me of some of my past interns, the whole dynamic reeks of the atmosphere in my office. Nonprofit has more in common with PR and Fashion that I thought. Actually now that I think about it, what other industry besides fashion cares more about what you wear and what you eat than the environmental nonprofit sector? You're not having soybean patties for lunch? Pigs are friends not food. Did you buy that lettuce from a local sustainably farmed coop...... How about those leather boots, those are animal skin, you killed an animal for those. Yes, and my top is silk so many many worms died for this outfit.

Clearly it's not really the same, but what other industry would intelligent, capable and educated women work ridiculous hours, get paid a laughable salary while facing a barrage of insults and criticism with little to no hope of ever being promoted or getting a raise. Pretty strange.

An an entirely separate topic, you may or may not know about my on again off again love affair with one John Mayer. His music that is. I gave him up a few months ago, then relented and bought the newest album, but honestly haven't listened to it much. It's like I knew this peak of douchebaggery was coming. All of his antics and off color public remarks were just inevitably leading to this point.

Here's what I think. It will blow over, he will apologize a few times, people will realize that he's a great musician, songwriter etc., and while they may not actually think he is a great guy, it won't matter in the long run. I personally think his comments in the Playboy interview are horrendous, but come on people, you all cried for weeks when MJ died and he was an accused child molester. In fact, because of his so called musical genius, thousands if not millions of people were willing to overlook the fact that he had prepubescent boys sleep in his bed. Who is more sick, you or J Mayer?

I for one have never purchased an MJ album. Although I do love his music, I've just never been able to overlook the pedophile thing. He may not have been convicted, but there was evidence enough for me. I don't think someones artistic talent should be used as an excuse for perversion.

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