Thursday, January 21, 2010

You know you have a few good coworkers if:

1. they play "who are your top 5 celebrity freebies" with you in the afternoons when everyone is bored with their jobs and our bosses are out of town.

2. you can use the phrase "hot bitches" and none of them think you are being rude

3. there is always someone who wants to go out to lunch, instead of eating their veggie burger and falafel at their desk

4. at happy our you can play inappropriate games in which you decide which of your worst coworkers you would kill, which you would sleep with once, and which you would marry. I'd write the name out, but I am afraid BlogHer would be mad at me.

5. after each and every awful staff meeting you can huddle in an office with the door closed and vent about how everyone else is an idiot, and wonder aloud if you will have jobs in 6 months.

6. they let you give them ridiculous and unflattering nick names

7. they come to your birthday dinner

8. you don't mind bringing them coffee in the morning

9. you can't look at each other in meetings without laughing

10. they are one of the only reasons you haven't quit yet

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