Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I returned unscathed from my sorority's leadership training weekend and I even learned a few things, met some great people and reconnected with old friends. I also RE-discovered my love of "ropes courses". We went on a week long trip to Nantahala outdoor center in high school and it was pretty awesome. Partly because I spent half the time making out with the hottest guy in our class, and mostly because when given the right circumstances I LOVE all the team building exercises and ropes challenges.

Now the goal is to somehow implement some of the tools I learned into the organization I work for.
How great would it be if all companies/organizations/schools could take even a 1 day retreat and do all those teamwork, trust building, leadership encouraging activities?

Picture your CEO dangling from a ropes course with one of those ridiculous harnesses on, magical I know. Zip line anyone? More than anything I think an experience like this would lessen the tension between departments at my workplace, and make people a little more considerate of their general tone. Currently the tone is self absorbed, not a team player, possessive, defensive and just plain rude.

Clearly I am dreaming. Budget cuts and a whole lot of cynical unhappy campers mean this will never actually happen. But I can still research the possibilities online to get me through the day.

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CDM said...

Lets find a ropes course in NC. We can pretend to be coworkers bonding.