Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big girls.. don't wear flip flops to work?

It is really hard to become a fully fledged grown-up when you work for a nonprofit.
Our dress code is lax at the most, and while technically I am supposed to wear "business casual" Monday through Thursday and jeans on Friday, I think as long as I'm not swinging around a stripper pole in my cubicle wearing a fur coat no one will even notice what I am wearing.

I have been known to wear jeans 2 or even three days a week. Especially when I haven't done laundry in 3 weeks. But let me tell you, I have seen people in my office wearing things I would not wear when getting the mail. Those velcro jesus sandals. Crocs .. don't even get me started on how much I loathe crocs, yes even on your toddler. Cargo shorts, at work I know. I think I may have even spotted a pair of sweatpants in the hallway last winter.

I don't usually write about clothes or my wardrobe, mostly because I don't think its all that interesting. BUT, I am having a serious issue now because I so desire to dress like an adult, but so do not have the financial means to do so. I mean, how do women my age afford to be so put together? I refuse to shop at discount stores because 1. it depresses me and 2. the few times I have been I never find anything half way decent.

Currently, 80% of my wardrobe is J Crew, 10% Banana, and the rest a mish mash of jeans, flip flops, and gym clothes. Simply because that's what seems to be available to me at a somewhat decent price that doesn't fall apart. I don't think its responsible to spend thousands of dollars on clothes when you can't really afford it, and at the same time, everyone wants to look good.

What brought this on? I went to a sorority alumni event last night and for the most part all the women my age looked, well, my age! Not as if they were graduate students. I think I look like a perpetual grad student. Frumpville.


Anonymous said...

Don't laugh... but I have become a big fan of thrift stores and consignment shops! I have found JCrew and Banana Republic and other nice stuff in my local Goodwill. I wash it (twice, because I am a weirdo) and it's good to go... I got 2 cashmere BR tee's last week for $7!

Teeny said...

See, I totally envy your wardrobe! You might think you dress like a grad student, but I feel like I dress like I'm in undergrad. All I need is some sorority t-shirts to round out my flip flops, beach cover ups, and jean skirts and it'll be just like I'm 19 again. I totally know how you feel- I have a fantasy wardrobe in my head of what I would wear if I had an endless shopping supply fund.