Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vegetarianism vs. Bacon

I recently had lunch with a friend who has been working at an animal rights type of organization for the past few weeks. I spent most of the time with my mouth hanging open in sheer awe at the judgment she faces at this new job simply because she is not a vegan or vegetarian.

It seems some people think with one viewing of Food Inc. we would all cross over to the tofurkey side. It seems these people have never tasted Bacon.

Is it legal to require your employees to eat only vegan or vegetarian food items while they are in the office? Please keep in mind this is a cat rescue organization and I am 120% sure that my friend would not sit at her desk eating a roasted cat. Yes, I just used the phrase roasted cat, twice.

Also, if an organization or company requires a specific work place diet, shouldn't they supplement your income based on the cost of said diet adjustments? Actually this is probably the only reason my workplace doesn't declare such a ridiculous rule. Eating vegetarian and staying healthy is expensive, let alone eating organic, locally grown produce which was also a subject of discussion between my friend and her employer. Of all the things you thought you might be criticized at work, eating a salad from a chain store probably not at the top of your list.

Don't mistake me for a cow slaughtering, rifle toting carnivore, I try my best to buy free range, grass fed etc etc.. but it is expensive! Prepackaged, hormonally injected, flavor enhanced crap is much cheaper.

Score one for Bacon.

* ask me about this when I have kids, and I spend exorbitant amounts of money on gluten free, organic baby food or some such nonsense. I draw the line at cloth diapers.

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AEG said...

My job encourages regularly eating and drinking the body and blood of a man that died 2000 years ago.....