Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pros and Cons of Getting out of Bed This Morning:

Everyday I get up and go to work, live my life, is another day I feel as though I've accomplished a little piece of something
FSU is chipper in the morning about 85% of the time, that's 50% more than yours truly.
He also never ever leaves without saying goodbye.
My work Blackberry brings me good news, like a list of fabulous people agreeing to be on the host committee for our event, including one of my favorite musicians/singer/songwriters. ( No, its not John Mayer although we all know I love him to)
The tourists on the metro today reminded me of my Fletcher family, the southern twang, the genuine politeness, giving up their seats for other people. Refreshing. I miss them.
A visit from our founder at work, nice to be reminded how we all got our jobs in the first place.
Old picture of Gary and I caught my eye before I left the house, thought of funny Gary moments all day. (particularly one boogie board/roof incident and many many Journey sing-alongs)
Georgetown JCrew now has wedding collection for preview.
Got email about fabulous bride-to-be gift I must send a favorite sorority sister who just got engaged.

After hitting the snooze button 12 times, I was frantic, unable to shave legs, had to iron my dress, ate a cheese stick for breakfast on way to the metro, and had exceptionally bad hair day.
Did not have time to change kitty litter, yuck.
30 minutes late to doctor's apt, where I had to pee in cup and have blood taken. (the key to the bathroom is attached to a clipboard, picture balancing abnormally large purse, empty pee cup, clipboard, sunglasses and paperwork while opening stall door)
A fellow metro rider sharing approximately 1 foot of space with me insisted on "reading" her GIANT library book while standing in the aisle, why do people insist on reading while standing?
My boss is a complete basket case and invents extremely ridiculous budgetary scenarios, then proceeds to email everyone about them incessantly.

See the good always outweighs the bad.

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