Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From couch potato to 10K in 3 months?

Or so we hope.

I happen to be sandwiched biologically between to sisters. The older one has an extraordinarily high tolerance for pain (referred to as running from here on), and the younger one has our father's genes which means she is thin and toned and never gains an ounce, and of course naturally inclined towards running. I think she even enjoys it. She'd never agree if you asked her, but it's true. Older sister decided it would be a fun sisterly bonding experience to run a 10K in October. There's one big problem with this; it's this October as in less than three months from now.

Don't get me wrong, I work out between 2 and 5 times a week, depending on happy hour. I bike, less than 10 miles at a time though. And anyone who happens to be an actual runner can tell you there's a huge difference between the occasional jog around the block and a full on 10K.

The last time I "voluntarily" agreed to run farther than a mile with a group of other people in public it did not end well. Picture a scowling 16 year old, blond pony tail, arms crossed at the starting line... I never made it to the finish line despite my father's best efforts to run along side me cheering me on. I wasn't overweight, I wasn't out of shape, in fact I was in great shape (I'd kill for that body now!) I just hate running. My dad has never been able to accept this fact. Although I think I made if perfectly clear to everyone when I told my coach to go fuck himself that day. Ouch. Teen angst is so embarrassing in hindsight.

But I will prevail. I will conquer the running even if it does make my dad happy. I've been on the run once every two weeks plan until now. Somethings got to change immediately or my sisters are going to have to carry me the last 5 miles.

Ugh. I'll start tomorrow....

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