Thursday, July 16, 2009

DC vs. Florida

discuss amongst yourselves.


Teeny said...

DC has better food, more free stuff to do, good public transportation and actual seasons. It's also expensive, cold, a pain in the ass to find parking in and utterly lacking in places to get a pedicure.

FL is cheaper with newer homes, has: warm weather, the beach, real key lime pie and a plethora of cheap nail salons and tanning beds. It's also ridiculously hot, prone to hurricanes, overrun with retirement homes and full of Republicans.

A bit of a toss up, really.

M. said...

you know my vote!

Anonymous said...

Sara pretty much summed it up perfectly.
It really is a toss up.
Maybe you could be a snow bird? That's my dream, lol.
Courtney <3

Z said...

my thoughts exactly. toss up!

Winnie said...

The Griz is pretty spot-on.
Life is easier in Florida than probably anywhere else in the U.S. (except maybe Hawaii).
That said, easy can get boring and challenges build character.
It’s nice to be somewhere with a history that goes past 1977 and eat at non-chain restaurants, but it’s also nice to be under a clear blue sky and lay by the pool in February.
In the end, it’s usually not the location that makes the difference, but the people. Without friends, even the greatest city in the world is the pits.

Joely Poley said...

you know my vote too