Friday, April 3, 2009

I miss having spring break

Board meetings are hell, and preparing for them is more hell. I am so thankful this week has come to an end and I would write a real post.. but since I did not have time to eat lunch today I feel I may come off as more crazy than usual.

My mind is in power point/bullet point format from the past 5 days.
- going to leadership academy for my sorority in September and could not be more excited!!! I for one absolutely love outdoorsy things and camp-like living arrangements. I am particularly looking forward to any ropes course they might throw our way, it will be like Nantahala all over again circa 9th grade.
- I am only $95 dollars away from my fundraising goal for the CF walk!
- Cannot wait for the street festival this weekend, the Cherry Blossom festival is my secret reason for wanting to move here in the first place
- More than anything I can't wait to be in Florida for a long weekend, spend time with some of my favorite sorority sisters, and dear lord go out in downtown Orlando. I do realize how pathetic it is that I miss that.

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Anonymous said...

Take a raincoat and crappy sneakers! Last year at LA, we got rained on the entire time- and there is no "rain plan". You stay outside no matter what, which I found really fun!