Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why are men so creepy?

I went out for a girls night last night, I had been looking forward to sushi and catching up with two of my oldest friends all day. After a somewhat lengthy metro ride I arrived at Dupont before them and was waiting outside the south exit for about 10 minutes, feeling guilty about not having any cash to give the homeless man (who was not the creepy one by the way)... when I noticed a very creepy looking older man staring at me from across the breezeway. At first I just thought he was odd, and then all of a sudden I looked down and realized that not only were his pants unzipped, but his unmentionable was out there for the world to see, and aimed directly at me. I immediately ran to theother side of the building and thankfully my friends showed up at that very moment so I escaped staring dinglehopper man. I decided to move forward and not dwell on the fact that some dirty stranger had just exposed himself to me and about 3 other people standing nearby.

So after a chance encounter with John Adams daughter, saki bombs, sushi and a cab ride to Tryst for delicious desserts and drinks, I was waiting at Woodley Park metro for the train and was approached by yet another weirdo. This man, about 30, wearing a sweater and jeans, and black leather gloves (?) said,"excuse me, do you have any chapstick? My lips are really chapped." What the hell? Correct me if I'm wrong but you absolutely cannot ask a stranger for chapstick! He then proceeded to stare at me and follow me onto the train until I switched which was made even more irritating by the fact that I actually did have chapstick and really needed to use it but was afraid he would talk to me again.

So the weirdos were out in D.C. full force last night, and apparently they were attracted to me. Maybe I won't be riding the metro alone at night for awhile.

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