Friday, February 6, 2009

the wonderful world of furloughs

The organization I work for has instituted mandatory Furloughs every other Friday. This means two things, 1. 10% pay cut 2. I get to have lunch with a friend, do laundry, homework, and watch Grey's Anatomy in my PJ's.

Ok it means a lot of things, mostly upsetting and negative things, but I am trying to see the silver lining here. Strange for a person like me I know. Also strange for a person like me is that at the last two very intense and heated staff meetings I have said not one word. I am no longer the girl who stands up and says what everyone else is thinking. It's quite a relief actually. Let them speak up if it's so important. I have heard rumor of other organizations going through this same kind of drama, but I have no concrete evidence...

I am definitely tired of being taken advantage of at work. I have taken on the responsibilities of 3 people at this point, and I am probably the lowest paid staff member in the organization. I'm 3 months away from my masters degree, and I can only stand being treated like a moron for so long.

All this stress at work has me dreaming the weirdest stuff at night. A week ago I dreamed that a 1920's safari guy was wandering around our office shooting people in their cubicles. It was very representative of my feelings towards the layoffs and such. Last night though, I had a dream that FSU proposed, but it was with a very teeny tiny ring, and yellow gold to boot ( I hate yellow gold rings) but I was elated and said yes and didn't even care.

Does this mean I'm shallow for noticing the ring, or not shallow because I didn't care? Or more shallow because in this country's state of economic disaster all I can think about is getting engaged? Ponder that for me if you will.


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Anonymous said...

you are freaking amazing.
I'm sorry about the cut BUT happy you are seeing the silver lining.
P.S. does anyone like gold? NO! I think it means you are accepting of his love and would take anything to marry the man of your dreams. Or. Something? hahaha. i love you.