Friday, February 13, 2009

The life of an assistant: know when to say no

In the past few months I have been put in some pretty uncomfortable positions at work. Welcome to the world of any position that involves the word "assistant". I've been sent on beverage runs, lunch runs, personal errands (while being paid via the organization), and countless other ridiculous scenarios. I put my foot down about the babysitting. I do not watch other people's children.

I've learned something about myself. I am not cut out to be an assistant. I also don't ever want my own assistant. Also, I've got to decide between loyalty and moving on to something different, and hopefully better. The problem here is that I love the mission, most of the staff, and the idealism behind the organization... but it all seems to be falling apart. How do you know when it's time to leave?

When your boss offers you a promotion, and then takes it back the next day because of budget constraints? I think so. When staff meetings start to feel like group therapy sessions? I think so.

How about when everyone else you really like starts leaving. ding ding ding. time to leave. Oh the stories I will tell when I am not longer employed at said organization. I could write a textbook entitled "How Not To Run a Nonprofit: A case study of asinine management practices".



Joely Poley said...

I was going to say, I think you've known for a little while now. So I have an idea... we will have to talk again soon.

Lil' Miss Loud Mouth said...

Hm. All those things have happened at my work too. You got me grinding my gears over here.