Monday, January 12, 2009

The things we do for birth control

Today I feel physically and emotionally exhausted. This email response to my very understanding and patient best friend is all I can muster in terms of posting. These days my favorite thing to do is sleep. Enjoy.

Dear Teeny,

Yes I am yours wed after work =). I am having a hellatious day. I had to go see hoohah doctor this morning. Couldn't find the stupid office, encountered several worthless unhelpful people along the way, while freezing because I don't have any decently attractive warm shoes. Once I found it I sat in the waiting room for 30 minutes. Went through the usual procedure, then opted to get blood taken for some reason unbeknownst to me, 4 vials of it to be exact, because you need 70 pints of blood to test for all the things I know I don't have. Oh but first the phlebotomist (sp?) poked around on my left arm for 15 minutes, then switched to the right arm (must be all the drug use that made my left arm veins nonviable). At which point I promptly started seeing dark spots and when she was done passed out and had a juice box forced on me before I could leave. Then I walked 1.2 miles while my nose burned from the cold (or was it that drug use I mentioned before) to work where I, along with the rest of the staff, just took a 10% pay cut. I LOVE MY JOB!AWESOME DAY!
I miss you! (and having friend time in general)

The things we do for birth control


Lil' Miss Loud Mouth said...

I thought this would be a very different post. ha. Ya what degree is it outside when tears immediately form and your snot turns into icicles? Ya, it blows. Blows degrees. the end.

Holly said...
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