Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I love Beyonce

My mysterious 10 day hiatus did not leave me traveling the world in first class, touring exciting places in expensive outfits or even shopping for designer wear. Alas I am not one of the wealthy elite...

I did however drive back and forth to FL (26 hours round trip! I'm a champion) with my loving boyfriend in a lovely rental car and a very gassy dog. Spent some quality time with my little sister and the whole rest of the family including my hilarious and wonderful future in-laws. Ate a lot of great home cooked food, baked a few pies and a lot of cookies, went shopping at the finest outlet mall where my mother bought me a lot of really great/warm work clothes at reasonable sale prices and dad drank loads of coffee and paced around in the background. Oh and had a glorious and long awaited pedicure at a luxury spa I like to call FX nails. thanks Rick!

The rest of the time... finals week is upon us and I couldn't be less happy about it. I vowed not to write until I finished everything, but this is just so much more fun! One class down, three to go, one paper, one final and 2 more assignments and I am home free. I foresee a lot of Sweet tea vodka and freedom in my future.

Did I mention that I somehow managed to lose 5 pounds over Thanksgiving? That is unprecedented. I am keeping up with this new found motivation by picturing my much thinner and yoga-shaped little sister every time I don't feel like going to the gym. Not to mention my recent i-tunes purchase... when Single Ladies comes on my i-pod I swear I burn twice as many calories. And that's why I love Beyonce.