Friday, December 19, 2008

only one class left...

...until I get a piece of paper declaring me an expert in non-profit management! If only my job title and salary reflected such a degree of knowledge.

You know what though? I am just glad I have a job, and one that I like.

Here's to hoping that you and I will not have to file for unemployment anytime in the hear future.



Sabrina said...

Was being in the program helpful in getting the job? (Curious because I've applied to similar programs for the fall, and I'd love to hear someone else's experience with them)

Z said...

Well actually the program was very helpful in getting the job, but in a round-about way. I got an internship here first because I needed one for the program.. and then got hired full-time. If you are looking for a pretty easy master's program that covers the basics of nonprofit then I'd say go for it. Nothing can replace work experience in this field though.

Z said...

YAY for only one class left! And YAY for having a job! :)

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, and all of that, too :)