Friday, December 12, 2008

Is nonprofit sector going down in flames?

Let's hope not. I've read all the most recent studies and articles, listened to all the opinions, but I'm still not convinced either way. I just finished a research paper on nonprofit administration and campaign planning and I couldn't even pick a side for that. Some of the experts say people will give more because there is a greater need, some of them say even the strongest charitable organizations will fail.

I don't have an intelligent opinion on the auto industry bailout, or the wall street bailout, and I must admit that economics are a mystery to me. I do however have very strong opinions on animal welfare, Darfur and conservation in Africa and the U.S. for that matter.

I should have known better than to watch Planet in Peril before bed. I think I am going to have nightmares of elephant carcasses and dead Gorillas, not to mention that god awful footage of Rwanda, Darfur and the DRC. Sometimes I really think it is too late, and if it's not too late that by the time the majority wakes up and realizes... it will all be gone. What I don't get is that while I have to make a conscious effort not to think about these things on a daily basis just to avoid bouts of anxiety, a lot of people don't care. How? Maybe it is easier for me to feel sorrow for animals because they are innocent, not to mention they were here first. We are just living in their world after all. Oh, and ruining it.


PS. That WWF ad with Noah Wylie begging for just $16 to help save the polar bears? Almost had me, and then I remembered I literally don't have an extra $16 a month because I already work for a nonprofit animal welfare organization, and if I did it would obviously go to my own organization. On second thought, we should really have one of those ads. Let it not be for nothing.

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Z said...

Yeah, those ads always get to me... (Though I, too, have NOTHING to give - GAH economy!)