Saturday, December 13, 2008

christmas tree stands = hot commodity

Neither FSU or I believe in organized religion (root of all evil and all that), but we do believe in traditions and holidays for the family part, and the spending time together part, and the fun part most of all!

Not that he finds pondering which wired ribbon is the exact right color to go with the ornaments in Michael's for 30 minutes. Not my best girlfriend moment I admit. So mom sent us the one medium sized fake Christmas tree so I would have something familiar for the holidays since we aren't going to see our families. It was missing the stand, and also I'm pretty sure it lost some of its fluffiness because I tried to put it together anyway and it looked very Charlie Brown like. So we went to three stores in our area to look for a replacement stand... all out! Home Depot had TONS of trees, and no stands. What?

Now we just have to get a new one. lame. I really would love to have a real one, but between the dog, and the lack of space it just doesn't seem possible this year. Although I am determined to be in the holiday spirit anyways. Teeny and I have a whole day of Holiday DC things planned for next weekend, and we did spot the national tree from a distance on our way to the national botanical gardens today, which was all decked out for Christmas.

Work is still depressing because people have been laid-off and with more cuts to come everyone is on edge. It made for a subdued holiday work party at the CEO's house Friday afternoon. And unfortunately no one got drunk and made a fool of themselves. I was really pulling for that level of entertainment.

FSU and I are heading out to Chinatown with friends tonight for the first time in more than a month. Now that I am finally done for the semester I can become a real person again who has a life. Side note: we did not get another dog. I took some of Winnie's advice and decided to wait awhile.

you know what's ironic? buying a Christmas gift for someone in the USHMM gift shop.

ps. we should charge my parents $2,000 to stay in our house for the inauguration.

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