Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bring it on

I got to hang out with my little sister this week just the two of us for the first time. It felt strangely familiar. While my parents climbed Mt. Vesuvius and wandered around the streets of Pompeii, we went to the National Gallery to see the Pompeii exhibit. It turns out my sister knows a lot about art and I had my own personal little tour guide. I think she and I are the only two people who can relate to each other and come close to understanding how the other one feels in our respective situations. It's nice to know she's there.

Her boyfriend said something over drinks (too many drinks if you ask me) along the lines of well if you don't make it a big deal then it's not a bid deal. WRONG. So wrong. When you find out that life as you know it has been a lie for the past 25 years... how could it ever not be a big deal? I don't think its fair to oversimplify other people's problems just because they are not your own.

Things between she and I are good, great even, and I can't imagine not having her in our lives forever now. Everything else in terms of family.. is up in the air. I still don't know how I feel. Spending time together is like seeing myself under different life circumstances and it makes me wonder what's so important about having a dad? All my theories are shot to hell.

I am working this week even though we have the whole week off and the office is pretty much empty. I know there are big changes coming my way at work and while it's a little bittersweet I am up for the challenges ahead. What could possibly get the best of me at this point?

I stay out of office politics as much as possible, which is just about 100% of the time. I don't always agree with the choices others make in the organization but I really think doing a good job and being as versed as possible in as many facets of the organization can prolong your employment. Sometimes though, good people end-up leaving or being let go when you know they deserve better.

But I am not going to be one of them. So bring it on. Whatever the universe wants to hand me next I can totally handle it. Work, family, love life, you name it and I'm game.


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Joely Poley said...

I like it when you write. Don't get too set on the beach yet, doesn't look good at this point. Lets talk soon as we have a bit to catch up on.