Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today I love my job

Board meeting underway. Got here 2 hours early to try to contain some of the madness. Amidst all the copying, presentation finishing and the flurry of emails, two non-stressful things happened. I ate a doughnut for the first time in.. I can't even remember, AND I found out what one of my roles will be at the event tomorrow night. Let's just say it involves one prematurely grey-haired news guru and its awesome! I am sure there will be a lot of not so fun jobs in-between dealing with VIP's, but today I love my job!

Can't wait to hear what Teeny is doing, since she so wonderfully volunteered to help out. We've got a few really amazing people coming... maybe we can sneak some photo ops? We had great success in our dress shopping last night, getting two perfect dresses from French Connection in a record 30 minutes.

Back to the madness. I work better under pressure.



Winnie said...

I heart the silver fox... you have to tell me all about it.

Teeny said...

Went to FC this morning before work and got the sensor off my dress! So we are good to go!

Joely Poley said...

You should camera phone some pictures over. No excitement like that here. Have fun!