Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am trying to convince FSU to let me adopt a beagle-mix puppy. A friend of someone I work with found a pregnant beagle who had been left on the side of the road somewhere. People are cruel.

I love beagles, and I would much rather adopt a rescue dog than buy a puppy from a breeder.
I sort of doubt I will be "allowed" but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You should all tell him what a great idea this is!


M. said...

I asked him to look into it for me too. Then you guys can bring it to me for my housewarming. I love that idea!

Anonymous said...

ooooh puppiessssss!! good luck - I want one too!!
love you !

Z said...

Oh! Puppies!

But... Tons of work! (Just warning you...)

Anonymous said...

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