Monday, November 24, 2008

Failing Grad School 101

I already have a job in this field, why am I getting a masters again? I am not sure if it's possible to have writer's block when it comes to "module postings" but I do. It's horrible. We have to drive to FL in 2 days and I HAVE to get something accomplished. This bullshit I have to regurgitate in order to get a B in my classes is useless and quite frankly way off base most of the time. I feel like getting all stabby with the computer. I bought a Beyonce album on Itunes. I am really losing it. My work email is more stimulating than this, no I literally checked it as a break from homework. It was the highlight of my night.

That whole working full time deal is really getting in the way. Not to mention I think I am getting sick. For once I am so looking forward to being home with family... until they ask me about classes. I think it's a crime to lie on Thanksgiving?

All of this and I am considering a PhD? Next time around remind me to pick something interesting or at least mildly challenging so I can rationalize spending time on it.

What a cluster fuck. I am having a hard time composing 4 paragraphs on a subject I deal with every single day because it is so incredibly simple that I can't say more than 3 sentences. This is how to fail out of grad school 101.

Note: B- equals failing, because if you get a B- you have to take this mind numbing crap all over again.

love and something witty.


Teeny said...

I'm thinking of starting another Master's in a few months? WTF? This degree is a challenge in personal willpower. Right now, Colby and his Las Vegas transit budget are beating me into total submission. Not to mention the grant class that I'm already taking over.

Keiti said...

I really loved this post - mostly because I'm in the middle of working on my masters now, too - only I'm in Scotland because it sounded like a great idea. Don't get me wrong, Scotland is wonderful, but I ask myself daily why I thought it was a good idea...

Good luck!

Z said...

Ugh - good luck!