Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Come Obama or McCain; the shopping must go on

Yesterday as I stood on the corner waiting for the cross walk sign to turn.. literally between two volunteers, I had Obama on my left and McCain on my right. How perfect.

Got up early to vote, and realized it was FSU's first time voting, ever. By choice not age. That is kind of a big deal. I should have baked something.

Work is absolutely insane, and I am incredibly distracted by the magnitude of this day. The possibilities that lay ahead.

But be it Obama or McCain, tomorrow work and life goes on and Teeny and I must go shopping for dresses to wear to the gala Friday night. On the off chance that one of our VIPs actually talks to us! And because we barely need an excuse to buy a cocktail dress do we? Oh and a little thing like meeting JG tomorrow. How lovely, and nerve racking. I think I'll dress up for the occasion.


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