Friday, October 3, 2008

Real Hockey Moms Wear Fanny Packs.

I have no time for a real post.. but I miss writing and I feel like there is so much to talk about these days. Economic crisis, upcoming vice presidential debate (I'm on pins and needles!), first week of the new job, my unexpected love for Philadelphia (Loew's loves pets!), the triumph of the gentle leader collar we got Zeus (I no longer get a total body workout from walking him), etc....

First of all I have been trying to educate myself on all things economy related but it feels a bit like senior year of high school when mom stayed up with me to cram for that Anatomy exam because I of course put it off until the very last second. Per my usual habits. I try to keep up with these things, but it's hard when life is so busy. My go to source for quick answers and a simple explanation is Lil' Miss Loud Mouth who is much more informed on these matters and actually has to deal with media regarding them on a daily basis. Have I mentioned how much easier my job is than hers?

(You should check out her blog if you get a chance. She's just embarked on a 5 week volunteer gig in Gary, Indiana for the Obama campaign. It should be interesting to say the least.)

I have to decide whether or not its safe to blog about the organization I work for specifically and/or coworkers and some of our more interesting and eccentric donors. Honestly I know it's not, but I already have some really funny stories that I'd love to share.

For now we can all tune in to the VP debates for a good laugh. I secretly hope Biden slips and calls her something really un-PC like a snow-blowing, baby-making machine. I know that would be counterproductive for the cause, but wow she is just an embarrassment for women and the Republican party not to mention it would be great entertainment. I cannot get enough of Tina Fey's impression on SNL. Having dated the son of a "hockey mom" and spent a decent amount of time in Minnesota her impression is dead on. Only, I think JP's mom may have been more qualified and definitely more intelligent. PS. real hockey moms wear fanny packs, trust me.

~Love and hot dish!


Winnie said...

Gentle Leader is the best, though my smaller dog has figured out how to get it off when I'm not looking. Can't wait for the debates tonight

Teeny said...

UGH, hot dish. I remember, like, two years ago the first time I heard what that was.

Maybe someone is slipping something into the hot dish? (As opposed to the kool-aid?) It's the only reasonable explanation for the mentality that is born and bred in the "heartland".

Joely Poley said...

We use a pinch collar with London which I had hard time with mentally at first. She loves it! Both the VP candidates are idiots who should keep their mouths shut and it showed last night.

Great econ blog -
You'll learn more than you want about the way it really works.

Z said...

I wish our gentle leader worked! I mean, it does... kind of. But he's figured out how to do this duck-and-roll maneuver that more often that not leads to it coming off his nose and into his mouth, so. Yeah. Not great...