Monday, October 27, 2008

No More Secrets

I met my other sister for the first time this weekend. My older sister and I went to stay with her in Charleston. It is such an strange situation, wanting to automatically be close to someone because you know you should, but you have to get past the getting to know you stages. She is amazing and beautiful and I felt automatically connected to her and there wasn't a single moment of silence or awkwardness all weekend.

And, I realized a few things on the plane ride home. I will have 5 bridesmaids instead of 4. My kids will have 3 aunts instead of 2. I will probably have more nieces and nephews down the road. Thanksgiving will be so much more fun, and interesting to say the least. Another person to celebrate our 25th birthdays with....and a lot more material for that ongoing novel I write in my head.

In case you are wondering, we spent the whole weekend drinking (sweet tea vodka IS the best) shopping, eating and talking, so the only part of Charleston I saw was King St. and I wasn't remotely interested in sightseeing.

And now I have to go back to work, and hopefully not disappear for another 10 days.



M. said...

so happy for you. Glad its all working out...

Z said...

Glad things are working out!