Friday, October 31, 2008

Does this soap box make me look fat?

After reading both Obama's Energy Plan and McCain's Energy Plan I am less than impressed with any minute difference between the two. The one major difference for me is that McCain and Palin will try to drill in the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) and in the OCS (Outer Continental Shelf) while Obama/Biden will not.

I suppose to a lot of people this seems like a good idea, because they don't deem the environmental impact this would have on the habitats and wildlife in those regions. Maybe this makes me the odd one out, but I just have to take issue with this kind of solution. We are capable of more. And also, maybe instead of just reducing our dependence on foreign oil we should be thinking about ways to reduce dependence on oil globally.

If we can somehow be restored to the kind of country that others look to for guidance and support, despite the damage the past 8 years have done, shouldn't we be using that influence to become a leader in the race for new renewable energy sources that don't cause irreversible damage to our environment? The space race: The energy race. How have we as a competitive and boisterous nation gotten so behind in this arena?

Why do so many Americans cling to the idea that environmental issues and promoting sustainable energy are strictly a liberal agenda. I cannot comprehend how there are still individuals out there who use "environmentalist" as slur. This should be a nonpartisan issue, and it should be at the top of everyone's list. I have heard people say, it doesn't matter to me I'll be dead before there's a water shortage, or why do I care about deforestation in Africa I don't live there. People need to have the ability to think big picture. We have a water shortage now, if you can honestly say you don't care if millions of people, including children go without clean water every day you are heartless. If you think that deforestation doesn't affect you now you are wrong. When you add up all the environmental devastation going on daily around the world, the big picture is that we are rapidly destroying that which gives us life.

The basic difference between environmental destruction here in the U.S. and in communities within poverty stricken regions like the DRC is: People here just don't care. Subdivisions and strip malls, Hummers and drilling in the ANWR. People there are just struggling to live and sometimes the only source of income they can create happens to involve deforestation and the killing of endangered animals. Notice I didn't say make a living, just struggling to live. Struggling to drink water everyday and feed their children every day and hope some of them can get some semblance of an education. Luxury to these people is a ventilated latrine, meaning a hole in the ground that actually has walls around it and a vent so it doesn't become infested with insects. Oh, and maybe a water pump, for the whole village to share.

Being aware of these kinds of legitimate problems makes me think; you are wining about gun laws, gay marriage and fuel prices? Really America? Really? Lets give everyone a gun especially young children, marriage rights to everyone except people who hate gays; those people can have civil unions, use all the guns to shoot the tires on every car so people can stop complaining about gas prices, chop down a tree every time an teenager gets pregnant, and make killing helpless animals from the safe distance of a helicopter as a Christmas tradition. I mean a "holiday" tradition.

does this soap box make me look fat?

Did you know that the Catholic church in many African countries allows and even supports the distribution of birth control methods and sometimes it is even the nuns themselves that teach locals about condoms, birth control pills, and IUD? That's just a fun fact.


CDM said...

Move back to FL and be my friend. I need friends like you who can see the big picture, not people who think I'm a weirdo for teaching environmental friendly habits to my students.

Joely Poley said...

Yeah what she said! Move back. People are just selfish and don't care. Its sad and I hope we can make people see the light.