Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There is no bug in your ear

I have not abandoned my post as sarcastic commenter on random and unrelated topics. I've just been MIA because of the driving across country, unloading trucks, unpacking and pretty much hemorrhaging money (OK it's really FSU's money). I did buy the new set of pots though, I feel proud, and not much like actually cooking in them.

A word of advice for anyone as naive as us who is contemplating a long distance move; HIRE MOVERS. We did the whole rent a truck do-it-your-self thing to the point of exhaustion. It was interesting, I do feel accomplished that the two of us were able to unload our furniture alone. Unlike my boyfriend Muscles McGee I work out sporadically at best, and that mattress was heavy. I'm also very lazy. We still have a good week's worth of unpacking in between work and sleeping, but its getting there and I love the new place, for the most part...

It is lacking in counter space, kitchen space, closet space, and easy to operate locks, but having FSU say "honey I'm home" makes it all worth it, even if he was just kidding.

I also took a hiatus because I started having anxiety attacks of some sort. With all the crap that has been going on in the past few months, I guess I wasn't really dealing with any of it. By Wednesday last week I was so dizzy I could hardly walk down the hallway at work, and even felt it when I was sitting down. I left work early and immediately began obsessing over that scene from Brokedown Palace where the one girl gets all sick and dizzy and they pull a giant dead bug out of her ear. You know the one? You should watch the movie its heart wrenchingly good ( its the perfect example of loyalty and friendship, but that is a whole other post). Anyway I knew it was either that or a brain tumor. Turns out the headaches, nausea and dizziness were all from stress. Cool.

So I'm back. Like it or not. I will commence with Cohabitation chapter 1 as soon as I get written approval from FSU. He's not into airing his personal life online. I don't know why? Also, remind me to share my most recent thoughts on marriage.. you might be surprised.



Clay Perry said...

you're just a plain old bad ass...

Anonymous said...

nooooooo - next time you move from south to north, take the auto-train!! it's SO cheap ($300 or so for 2 people and a car) and you get to play on an amazing train for 18 hours. trust me, it's amazing. miss & love you - enjoy this time, it's amazingly fun.

Z said...

Ugh. Moving. I hear ya on this one.

Glad you don't have a bug in your ear, though... ;)

Lil' Miss Loud Mouth said...

...or an earring back.

Trust me- the ball of wax that comes out with that one ain't cute.