Friday, August 8, 2008

At least he appreciates a spice rack

Now that FSU and I are officially moving in together, (oh did I mention he is moving here in 5 days? or that I am disgustingly excited about it?)we have begun preliminary discussions of decor.

You see, FSU is a man's man, as in no one would ever question his sexuality, he's not even the slightest bit metro. Therefore he also has very manly taste. Neutrals, black, dark colors, pretty run of the mill stuff. He thinks I am being critical when I say that, but I'm really not. While I wouldn't consider my taste "girly", (I'm not into florals, pinks, or anything super preppy, YUCK!) I do like color. I can tell already the biggest hurdle we have to overcome is compromising in the decor department.

I have never lived with a boyfriend before, I don't think I could have been happy living with any of the previous ones. This puts me at a disadvantage because FSU on the other hand lived with his ex-girlfriend for a year before. Obviously it didn't work out, and I'm counting on the fact that it was her fault of course since he is perfect. So here is my request; Atlanta, Philadelphia this should particularly motivate you to respond, Advice? Horror story? What to expect that I wouldn't have even thought of?

I imagine a sort of pre-marital bliss with a few scattered arguments over paint colors that end in laughter and tickle fights. No?



Winnie said...

Tickle fights... I love it. A few fuzzy memories from my first year "living in sin".
- toilet seat up... stupid toilet seat always up. Now i have to touch the grody toilet seat to lower it (so cliche).
- I learned how to fold his T-shirts "his way" (in half with the crease down the middle) and he learned to fold my t-shirts my way (the normal way that you learn working retail at Old Navy in high school).
- Bedroom decor: this was hard. It takes time to find the perfect male and female compromise, so don't feel rushed. We have found green, slate blue and white work for both of us. The simpler, the better a few stripes of color. Also, have two night stands. Sooo important.
- Get a crock pot. Trust me on this one.
- Guys have A LOT of underwear/undershirts and their clothing is bigger so it takes up more space=more laundry than you ever imagined.
- Art work: go on and find an artist that you both like and slowly start collecting (we enjoy Jack Vettriano).
- White towels: it's just easier and you can throw them in the wash with bleach.
- Establish alarm clock etiquette (since you should each have one on each of your night stands).
- If he’s ever really in the dog house, go sleep on the couch. It makes guys feel like shit when their girlfriends are sleeping on the couch and they are in the nice comfy bed. It leads to a much speedier apology.
- Try your best not to keep score or track of things ie. who last emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the bathtub, walked the dogs… it’s hard not to do, but it just results in stupid fights.
- You will find that spending time alone in your domain is a precious commodity.
- Make sure you both agree on toilet paper quality-I don’t think I could have married the hubbs if he’d ever broght home that Scott brand crap.
-Subscribe to the Sunday paper, there’s nothing better than sitting in bed together while drinking coffee and going through the Travel section of the paper. This is especially great on cold DC mornings :).

Joely Poley said...

I know we already talked a bit about this but...

From my experience which was a little different, guys don't care about room color, decorations, toilet paper, and whats for dinner as long as they don't have to be the one to make the decision or put it up. I try to 'encourage' Foxy to finish picking crap out for the house to hang on the walls and make it look like we are civilized.

I agree wholeheartedly about the dog house (damn thing works like a charm and I hate it), keeping score (no one wins), personal time (there isn't any, even when trying to shower). She likes to talk... a lot, I don't, so she follows me around the house to finish a story regardless of whatever I may be doing. Laundry is always a PITA. Every week we have the, 'damnit, I swear we just did laundry yesterday' conversation with each other.

You'll do fine!

Fermi said...

My husband is a mans man as well... Here's how we do it:

-Decor: He is a huge LSU fan, and I have tons of paintings I made in college so we have the living room = LSU sports, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom= my paintings, and then we have The Study which has the decor of his bedroom in high school. ;)

-Toiletries: How this works I bet is that there is "the picky one" and they decide what you buy. You could buy whatever you like and see if he complains, or go shopping together and see if he cares.

We have "set chores"
He does laundry I do dishes. Theoretically, of course.

If he isn't helping clean the house I just stop cleaning. And then he eventually cleans.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE all the other comments left... couldn't agree more!!! My simple words of wisdom after living together for almost one year now (wahoo!).

1. Bedding is important. Start with bedding - I had lived in the apartment for almost 2 years before he moved in. I decided that we weren't going to re-do the whole place (we are buying a house soon) but new bedding, bought together, would help! He went for comfort, I went for looks. Together, we picked out a nice little set :)

2. Cleaning.. we do major cleaning once a week on sundays. Otherwise, it took me a long time to get used to the fact that he won't always put his clothes in the hamper, nor his wet towels where they belong. I eventually caved and gave him simple tasks (take trash out, empty dishwasher.. I do laundry and simple cleaning) & we clean together on weekend. It works.

3. ALWAYS kiss goodnight. Never fails to perfect a rather horrific day :) HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Z said...

I love all of the advice, I'm definitely going to use it. You guys are the best!