Thursday, July 10, 2008

Metro Muppets!

I spend at minimum 2 hours a day on the metro system here in lovely DC, I live in Maryland, work in Virginia and my route takes me directly through the city. Also apparently directly through the apex of weirdos.

The mullet last week was nothing. I stayed late at work tonight, met my roomie in Dupont for dinner. Great Indian food and lots of conversation. So we are on our way home, continuing our now semi-serious conversation from dinner, and I spy out of the corner of my eye this character.... Picture a somewhat pudgy mousy haired girl, around 20 years old, with bright pink lipstick, and a disconcerting outfit the oddities of which you can't quite put your finger on other than her shoes say "meow" on them. Then it hit me, she has a furry creature in her lap, a grey and white furry animal of some sort. Wait, no, its a Muppet, Jim Hensen style. Some kind of dog. And, just to take it to the next level she is acting as though this is a real animal. The Muppet is busy licking himself.

OK meanwhile I am still maintaining my conversation, listening intently. And the full magnitude of Muppet girl hasn't hit me. In fact, I think it's only hitting me now. Do you think she escaped from somewhere? Muppet Girl Interrupted?



Anonymous said...

What? Don't act like you don't carry your muppet around...oh

Teeny said...

It's really funny that you should post this today, because I just saw an article about this exhibit:

And I really want to go! Maybe the Muppets on the Metro will turn out to be some sort of subversive Smithsonian viral marketing campaign. That would be cool.

Winnie said...

exactly WHERE was the muppet licking itself?

Z said...

... it was unclear. I'm hoping on his furry little leg. but it could have easily been his furry little naughty place