Monday, June 9, 2008

mc hammer and text message love affairs

These days I have little time for things like blogging, and when I do have time, I feel like laying in my bed and not moving. Adjusting to a full time schedule is interesting. Still love the internship though! In the spirit of conveying all the interesting things that have taken place recently without dragging it out into a 6 page post.. I'm going with a list. Sorry I am so lazy.

1. mc hammer, otherwise known as creepster wandering around incorrectly using all the equipment in the gym in my building while wearing a blue tie-dyed mc hammer pants with matching over sized shirt. maybe you had to be there.

2. crazy metro screamer; last week I very nearly fell off the platform onto the tracks when crazy angry screaming lady ran up behind me and yelled WOO WOO!!! 45 MINUTES?!??! WOO WOO!! it wasn't so entertaining at the time, until she did it to like 4 other people. that was pretty funny.

3. hot as shit; if you haven't payed attention lately, the heat index in DC this week was like 105. ouch. I knew it would still be hot in the summer but this was far worse than Florida.

4. Dear Stupid Bitches,
the universe is trying to make me hate the metro. Yesterday I left work at 5 like usual, and my usual 40 minute commute took 2 hours. Apparently the orange line sucks a lot, and not one but two trains were broken down ( did I tell you how just the day before a train derailed on this same line?). So not only did it take 2 hours, but I also got stuck on a non moving train with no Air Conditioning for 30 minutes. If you know me, you know there is nothing I hate more than to be hot. Oh and I almost forgot that I also got shut in the door when a perfect stranger tried to pull me off the train so they could get on instead. awesome.

5. recently, and I can't give you the exact date in order to protect the innocent, Blog Mistress helped me discover Georgetown shopping. Let's just say I went in search of one simple white cardigan to replace the brand new one I lost at Trader Joe's, and I left with dress, shoes, cards, and finally said white cardigan. I could have spent a lot more but I exerted some self control. I think i should avoid this area in the future for the sake of my financial stability.

6. "the first cut is the deepest". Or, how not to confess your undying love to a girl = by quoting a Sheryl Crow song via text message from 3,000 miles away. Sometimes men are so lame.

7. I need to come up with a perfect birthday gift for FSU. He's late 20's, mechanical engineer, loves cars and working out. Any ideas?



Anonymous said...

1. This shit cracked me up.

2. I am actively researching plane tickets- tell me when is good to come visit and for how long.

3. I don't know what you should get FSU but I would love it if he would talk to my useless waste of space little brother who wants to be a mechanical engineer but I doubt he can actually graduate from college.

4. We need gchat time next week because I totally almost ruined my relationship because I am thinking too mf-ing much.

5. I love you.

6. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

First off, You should just make time for a 6 page post. Secondly, don't cause thats too much to read.

my turn!
1. that was me you saw. I thought thats what you are supposed to wear at the gym. I saw it on that Saved By The Bell episode. hmmm

2. I think I would have wanted to be there. In fact, I might have wet myself. Which would have caused someone else to slip, possibly onto the tracks. So then they definitely would have had to stop the trains if two of you were down there. Problem solved.

3. Its hot everywhere. Do you have AC? If so, SHHHH

4. Public transportation sucks! The end. I love gas prices above $4.00 don't you?

5. Do you need me to come down there and shred your credit cards? If anything, you should be buying me things and sending them here. Duh.

6. I'm not sure what this means. But i learned long ago never to quote songs to someone, that is only meant for away messages. HA

7. I think if you found him a nice job doing something he liked and making lots of money and near you. That would be good. Probably simple too!

Z said...

M- calllll me! come visit anytime in august? or middle of july =)

entirelyrandom- i love your comments. you should write a guest post