Saturday, June 14, 2008

Artomatic, Lucky Bar, and movie ruiners

After being in D.C. for a couple of weeks now, I hadn't really gone out at all until last night. We went over to Artomatic to start off the night, Frank Warren from Postsecret was doing a book signing and I was hoping for an exhibit but alas just a man and a table. I don't have any of my Postsecret books with me, and I'm not really a fan type person so I just checked out a bunch of the other artists. There was some really good/interesting work, and a lot of great photography which is my favorite.

I know nothing about art, just what I like and don't like, but a lot of it reminded me of TheLovelyPennyLayne, or maybe just art in general reminds me of her? It was a really cool set up, empty office building with bare concrete floors and the art was displayed on dry wall cubes on all of the floors, with some live music (which was not particularly good however). Beer, and Wine, etc.

A few of my roommates friends came with, all of whom I really like automatically. We went into Dupont afterwards and ended up at Lucky Bar, which was a good time. Just a few drinks and lots of good conversation. Got stuck on the metro again going home but only for an extra half hour this time.

We went to see Sex and the City this afternoon, it was my second time, but thank god because this horrible woman sitting next to me would have ruined the experience. She not only clapped every five seconds and laughed at the most serious and unfunny parts of the movie she also talked to herself, and to the characters as if they were old friends. She wasn't even with a group of people, she was by herself. A running commentary for her own personal pleasure and my extreme discomfort and annoyance. You should be proud of me for not saying anything, I kept it to a few very dirty looks and loud sighs. ugh.

And, that movie makes me miss my FSU, a lot, even more than I already did. The good news? I get to see him in 6 days!


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