Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 10 reasons not to clean out your closet

10. its a pain in the ass, you will want to give up half way through.

9. there is always a slim possibility of a spider crawling on you. you have a particular hatred for spiders since the shower incident.

8. you realize all the clothes you are getting rid of are two sizes to small now. aka. you are very out of shape and will never again be able to wear a size zero.

7. you are a pack rat and can't let go of anything.

6. dust. DUST.

5. your seemingly normal sized closet is apparently the wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia. minus the Jesus metaphor.

4. you also made some extremely poor fashion choices in the past, Goodwill here I come.

3. you started at 8:30. it is now 11:15 and The Chronicles of Narnia closet has thrown up on your bed, where will you sleep?

2. you are unfortunately staying at your parents house until the big move and they are too cheap to turn the AC down farther than 78. it is hell with more sorority T-shirts.

1. memory lane is painful, and sad, and nostalgia, regret, old birthday cards and dust make a miserable combo.


Z said...

hahaha, thanks for the reminder since I was thinking of potentially cleaning mine this week/weekend. I think I might hold off now... ;)

Winnie said...

Z, I would like to add an 11th reason... Without fail, you will get rid of a piece of clothing that you swear you will never wear again, and two weeks later you will kick yourself after realizing that the banished navy blue tank top would have complemented your brand new plaid shorts perfectly. Son of a Bitch. Make sure you do not get rid of anything long-sleeved. A Florida girl needs all the long sleeves she can get when moving up North.

Z said...

put it off as long as possible! although i did for about 4 years and its been a handful.

i will now hord the pathetic collection of longsleeve shirts and jackets and sweaters. haha

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh my ass off. When are we going to see Postsecret????

Lil' Miss Loud Mouth said...

This was hysterical. Love the chronicles of narnia bit =)