Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Whole Life is About to Change!

That's right, I got my dream internship and now it's fast forward speed everything is going to change. Oddly enough one of the things I am looking forward to the most is not driving. I hate driving, I'm not good at it and I get frazzled a lot.

I had my second phone interview yesterday and about 20 minutes after it was over she called me back to tell me I got it, she said they didn't want to make me wait until the next day. I felt like this was a perfect match from the minute I found the announcement on idealist. All I had to do was have an honest conversation with them and ... I start sometime in the beginning of June.

I was feeling pretty anxious about the move, and this paid (hallelujah) internship makes it so much better. Most of all, I love this organization so much. Everything they stand for, and try to accomplish just tugs at my heart strings and if you have to have a job then you really should do something that makes you feel good, makes some kind of difference. The nonprofit world is not going anywhere, and when jobs are so hard to find and the economy is doing so poorly, its really nice to know we have a lot of prospects. This degree is already paying off and I haven't even finished it.

All my worries about being so far away from my boyfriend and friends and family, and being in this new crazy city are still there, but I just know this is what I am supposed to do and that it will all work out. I know it will hit me a week or two after I am there, but right now I am just so excited about all of it. Blog Mistress and I are going to have a blast I know it!


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Nayda V-T said...

Ah! I was so stoked to wake up to a comment from you on my blog! I was like "z"? Who is "Z"? I thought it might be a superhero...turns out I wasn't that far off! The Main Street comment gave it away!!!

I'm glad that we can keep in touch via blog in case Facebook just doesn't cut it anymore.

Best of luck in D.C.! We're both following our passions and our hearts and, damnit, we ROCK for that :o)