Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Have Some Everyday Questions

Do you have a number of questions that plague your mind constantly? I do, and although I have no real answers as of yet, I feel the need to get the questions out there. Off my mind and on to paper, or.... blog? In no particular order, and please by all means feel free to answer, ask your own questions, or make fun of mine.

1. who's cruel joke was it to make men and women so emotionally and logically opposite? not to mention sex. what the hell is that? Don't get me wrong its great, but its not just me here right, men and women think about sex very differently. Is this to keep things interesting in a relationship or to drive both parties slowly insane?

2. what is a normal family and where do I get one?

3. marriage. HAH. what a concept, obviously created by the same cruel jokester as #1. Yet why is it still so important to me?

4. are there really people out there that leave the house without looking in the mirror first? Maybe they shouldn't. Glance before you leave the house people, even a car window or a body of standing water will do. Why is it that some women think that just because its fashionable and looks good on a mannequin they can pull it off?
I am not the most fashionable person and definitely not superficial but I have basic rules, if it makes you look fat and/or ridiculous don't wear it.

5. why do people, fraternity boys in particular, think binge drinking is cute? Why have I participated in this ritual myself?

6. why are some people only capable of having one close friend? I think this is just a female thing?

7. why do girls call their friends "bitches", like this is a term of endearment? If you think I am a bitch why are we friends? Are we frienemies now? (thanks for reminding me of this term Teeny)

8. Real World used to be great, for the first 4 or 5 seasons, why did they stop casting interesting people and start casting mostly attractive mostly unintelligent slutty and or roid rager people? I miss the days of Pedro and Puck, they were interesting.

9. Madonna hasn't retired yet? Do people only listen to her new music because they assume its good without actually hearing it?

10. Do all men like strippers? I mean this seems like an easy answer, but seriously are there men out there who think this is awkward? I think male strippers are awkward.

11. speaking of male strippers, why do some men shave their body hair? stop. trimming=good, shaving=creepy/skeezy/weird/makes me think you'd rather sleep with a man.

12. why is it that the number of people you have slept with supposedly says more about you than the circumstances?

13. On the same note, Sex and the City, do women really have sex with that many partners and not feel dirty? There is a fine line between enjoying and overdoing. Why does sex have to be portrayed so unrealistically, there's never that awkward condom pause in the show, not to mention the clean up after why not? Are you telling me people just roll over and sleep like that?

I only feel slightly relieved now, and I've sure got a lot more questions.


Anonymous said...

So. I thought that maybe I shouldn't answer this, cause I might just sound like a jackass. But hey, donkeys need love too.

1. This is technically multiple questions all in one. If you wanted us to be the same, date a woman! Sex is sex, just do it! Don't connect anything to the act.

2. Normal family. You mean like the Brady Bunch? You can get one at Target.

3. Marriage. Why not? At least once in life, you should try it.

4. Ugly people or fat or fashionably retarded people just choose to ignore their flaws. Just like I do not have time to go over all the things that make me great.

5. Binge drinking is not cute. But it does make some girls cuter.

6. No one should commit to a "best friend" cause what if the next day you feel like being besties with someone else. Be fickle and just nod and smile.

7. I call my friends Jerks and A**holes. Not really, but I don't know many girls that call each other bitches.

8. Real World sucks. Always has, always will. :)

9. Madonna sucks. Hasn't always, but always will (from now on).

10.Strippers are only good if you can't get laid, or, if you like getting some hot STDs. MMMM

11. Sometimes I like to corn row my chest hair. I often like to put beads in my pubic hair too.

12. The more the better. High numbers are everything, unless you are golfing.

13. There is nothing hot about the "do you have a condom?" "yeah, hold on" and "gross, wipe that effing shit off my face". But if you want to see that in a movie, watch the show on HBO "Tell me you love me" or something.

those are my guy responses. agree?

Joely Poley said...

Was there a conversation perhaps thats prompted this? Hmm.