Sunday, May 4, 2008

Compromise, Girls Nights, and Alaskan Crab Fisherman

Sometimes instead of having writer's block I have writer's overload. There is so much I want to say but I can't focus on one topic long enough to get it into words. In hopes of not forgetting all the memorable and interesting business that happened this weekend, and all of the revelations I may have come to I'm going with an abbreviated version because I'm tired and have to get up early tomorrow.

Friday night was a total bust, at least as far as downtown was concerned, but Saturday was golden. We ran into 6 different unexpected people, only two of which were at the same time, and it was just an all around incredible night. Girls nights are so important aren't they? You get that chance to miss your boyfriend and at the same time just be ridiculous with your best friends. I think the past few months we have stuck to the same few bars too much. Bar hopping Saturday night was so much more fun and I do so get tired of seeing the same faces every weekend even if they are strangers.

Aside from running around downtown and laying by the pool and all together having the best time with Teeny (formerly known as Roomie) I missed FSU and I continued the battle with my own girlish insecurities and mildly neurotic thoughts. After cataloging my own series of previous relationships and hearing about quite a few other peoples' relationships, arguments and breakups I've come to a collection of very simple conclusions.

I think men and women would basically be incompatible if it weren't for some really great compromise, but I've decided that's what makes it interesting.
- men are communication limited, women are borderline insane.
- men have basic needs (food, sex, Modern Marvels?), they are relatively easy to make happy. women tend to over complicate things, have basic needs (affection, conversation, Sex and the City?)
- compromise: make dinner together with a side of great conversation, have affectionate sex, and watch Deadliest Catch and Chelsea Lately. Witty banter, chick humor, vulgar language and crab fishing; what more could you want?

It's working pretty well for us so far, although I'm not claiming to never over complicate things or saying that I don't watch Sex and the City after he is sleeping. He also DVR's American Chopper and Modern Marvels over Grey's Anatomy, but I forgive him. Mostly.

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