Thursday, April 17, 2008

We may or may not have in common

In the spirit of procrastinating the final editing and subsequent submission of my last paper of the semester, here's a little post about the "some things we may or may not have in common" list. Have you noticed that everything on my blog is listed in reverse alphabetical order? As a victim of a Z last name, I was always relegated to the back of lines and class rooms. It is a small comfort for me to put all the lonely last picked letters at the very tops of meaningless lists!

  • Washington D.C.
My favorite city, so far at least and I have only seen 90 or so which is barely a drop in the bucket. I love D.C. especially because of the general atmosphere. The buzz, or feeling you get when you are there. Maybe I won't love it so much after I live there for awhile, but I doubt it. I love all the museums, the politics, the jumble of different kinds of people. I especially love it in comparison to NYC which is also a great city, but to fast paced and D.C. just feels less obnoxious doesn't it? I am probably making some enemies here.

  • St. Paul, MN
If you have never been, make sure the first time you go is in the summer. SUMMER. I also love it in the winter but its nose hair freezing cold, literally. There is also a huge difference in my opinion between St. Paul and Minneapolis (the twin cities in case you've been living under a rock your whole life). St. Paul is the cozier, more welcoming feeling city where you feel like you will just run into someone you know around any corner.

  • snow
Yes, I love snow, even though it sucks at times. I especially love snow when its in Minnesota or on a beach in New Jersey*. Snow around a hot tub is particularly magical. I do not love making snowmen. In fact, I hate making snowmen and seeing successfully created smiling snow people makes me bitter. It's harder than it looks.

  • pepperocinis
This seems strange only to those of you who don't know me. Some people eat chips, or ice cream, or cookies when they are stressed/upset/heartbroken. I eat pepperocinies, and crackers. I love them. They are delicious and eating half a jar still always seems like a good idea at the time. Even after the 100th stomach ache. I have a high tolerance for hot food.

  • NYC
I'm actually taking this off the list. I want to love New York, I was born in Stonybrook for god's sake. I try, and try, but it still remains just "a nice place to visit" for me. A weekend is pretty much all the New York I like to handle. Now, if I was rich and lived up town with a brownstone and a maid, I mike like it a little more!
  • naps
Well who doesn't love naps?
  • loyalty
People who truly appreciate and value loyalty are few and far between. This word gets thrown around a lot like, "love" and "hate". I take it seriously. There's nothing worse than a disloyal friend. I've cut people out for less.

  • love
Needs no explanation, but I could write about this for years. I'm a hopeless romantic and in spite of all my cynicism, and no matter how many breakups and failed relationships I will always be willing to jump right back in. How can you ever find the right person if you're not open to it? I also don't believe in requirements for love. As in, you can't rule people out because they don't fit the mold you want to stuff them in. I firmly believe love is always where you least expect it, and when you meet the right person the superficial ideas about what you wanted them to be don't matter one bit.
  • Joe
see love.
  • honesty
Brutal, but useful and often cathartic. I have been to honest on more than one occasion, its my best quality and my biggest weakness at the same time. I think people often live their lives behind shades of dishonesty. Dishonesty within themselves, and the people around them. There should be no degrees of honesty, just tell it like it is, the world would be a simpler place. Stop propping each others egos up on falsities.
  • Cathedrals
Nothing to do with what religious history they offer up, there is just something indescribable about staring up at the ceiling of a cathedral. I can't not go in. I love the thought that so many people, all different kinds of people, have shared that same space, and maybe even pondered their most cherished thoughts there.
  • the beach
The thing I will miss the most about Florida. I love the beach, the food, the waves, sun, all of it. I spent a lot of time there during high school, I mean actually during school.

What are your thoughts?


*New Jersey is a highly underrated state. When you see New Jersey in most movies or on law an order or something, that's Newark and/or Jersey City. NJ is actually a beautiful state and those places are not a good representation. That's like saying Orlando is a good representation of Florida. Orlando blows. Its full of tourists and has almost zero culture or beauty. Newsflash, there is no beach in Orlando. Florida on the other hand is gorgeous. (just way to hot)

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