Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stir Crazy

I am going a little stir crazy here. We have settled on a plan for June-August as far as living arrangements and now its just a waiting game. Moving June 1st, and now the month of May is stretching out before me and I know it will be the longest 4 weeks. I am glad I have some time to get everything together, spend lots of time with the last few important people here and all of that, but I'm antsy already.

Unfortunately I will be staying at my parents house for a month, but they are leaving for Italy right after I get there so I will be able to miss them dearly while they are gone! In fact, I think I am moving before they get back.

Honestly I have nothing interesting to say, and a lot of packing to do. I will try and be more creative in the next few days. I fully plan on documenting the adventure of moving to D.C., pictures and all, so that should be mildly interesting. Any tips on moving and/or living in the district are more than welcomed.



Z said...

Oh how I hear you here... We are moving in June, too (no date set yet... No apartment set yet... But still... Moving in June) - and this last little bit in this old apt all I can think of is the new one, what we'll take, what we'll leave, etc etc. I can't wait to actually BE there and doing all the decorating, etc, that I am dreaming up now...

Z said...

its the most frustrating feeling, you want to start nesting somewhere new, but all you can do is wait. and then you almost start resenting your current residence. giving it the evil eye, "you're so small and boring and plain, I've got big plans for the next place!"