Sunday, April 6, 2008

"My So-Called Life"

My roomie and I are in the midst of a full on "My So-Called Life" marathon. If you have never watched this show you are missing out. Sadly there are only 19 episodes to be had, but they are so worth watching. The show got cancelled, I suppose at the time people thought it was controversial.

Each character is so relatable, you can find a little bit of yourself in all of them. All that teen angst. When I was little, 12ish, my friend Shannon and I would pretend she was Rayanne and I was Angela. I am totally an Angela. The dynamic between her and her mother is painfully similar to my own relationship with my mother. Only, my mom is far less uptight in most situations. I'm not one of those people who gets super into shows, I think most of the stuff on TV is crap, even if I'm watching it. My So-Called Life, and Felicity are by far my two most favorite shows of all time.

This actually reminds me of this story I was listening to on NPR the other day (don't laugh I'm cultured) about ruminating. Ruminating; when you go over and over something in your mind, analyzing it. The whole point of the story was that you shouldn't ruminate and that its bad for you. I disagree to a certain extent.

Analyzing your life, the past, decisions you've made, it's a little bit like a dog chasing its tail. It doesn't necessarily get you anywhere or help you accomplish anything, but the possibility that you just might catch it some day makes it worthwhile. The possibility that you might one day figure out the answers to all your problems, the solutions to all your questions.. ruminate away. I know quite a few people that could do with some inner reflection. Maybe not everyone has that inner dialogue, who knows.


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