Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Great Interview Experiment

So I had a whole post written and posted and then a series of unfortunate events occurred and it got deleted. However, in the meantime I participated in this and just completed my interview with "jackc" which you can find here. I am working on my interview for " Rosie" which I will post here when it's finished!

So, in summary;

Citizen of the Month

got it?


Blog Mistress said...

That was a fun interview- and great interview experiment idea by random other blogger. Cool stuff. I wish I had more time to blog- I kinda replace it with the "Share" button for facebook and just post up interesting articles or sites without too much of my own comments.

Rosie said...

I do that as well, note brief interesting updates in my Facebook status, where actually I could put them on the blog just as easily. Hopefully once I sign up with Twitter I'll figure out how to combine the two!

I'm ready for questions whenever you like, please send them on over!

Rosie said...
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