Thursday, March 20, 2008

Your Boyfriend's Dog

If you have ever dated someone who has a dog, especially one that has been around for awhile long before you came into the picture, then you know this can be a tad bit tricky. This adorable creature is Zeus. Zeus is an American Bulldog, often mistaken for a pit bull. He has a gentle and goofy personality, and I'm pretty sure he thinks hes about 50 pounds lighter than his actual 95 pounds.

Allow me to share my mistakes in handling such a situation with you, so that you might avoid making the same ones should you encounter great guy with great dog, who just so happens to slobber a lot. The dog, not the guy.

First of all, Zeus is big, and although I am an animal loving person, we never really had dogs growing up, and I had a tendency towards fear of any dog bigger than 10 pounds. Also, I am not afraid to admit that I'm a little bit prissy. The first few times I went over to great guys house (commonly referred to as FSU which I will explain in another post) Zeus jumped on me and I hid behind FSU, which was partially an excuse to be closer to him. Anyhow, after he got used to me and I got used to him a little bit, which took at least 6 weeks, I started to really like him.

You know how getting too comfortable with someone i.e. sweatpants and zit cream? can be a really bad thing? Be warned, getting too comfortable around your boyfriend's dog has the potential to be equally bad. For Example; when having an argument with your great guy, and then attempting to storm out of the room dramatically, if you happen to step in a puddle of his beloved pet's drool, do not under any circumstances yell "see this is why I have to wear shoes in your house because your stupid F-ing dog drools everywhere!"

It may seem like the right thing to say at the time, but it's just not. No matter how strongly you feel like it was warranted, he will probably hold it against you quietly, and 3 months after the fact use it against you. Fact: the dog was there first, the dog has stuck by him and been there for him loving him unconditionally for 5 years. If he is willing to give the dog allergy shots and wipe his ass like a baby when he has the runs, and spend hours making him his own special bed, you better just learn to deal, with a smile. Remember, if he is capable of that much patience and caring then he really is a great guy, and he will probably treat you like the princess you are. Don't get me wrong, I probably will never take my own advice, but at least someone should benefit from it.

Not to mention, nothing makes you feel worse about yelling about the dog then when you storm out into the living room and said dog follows and puts his big soft head in your lap for you to pet him because he knows you're upset. I secretly love this dog, I even have my own nickname for him, and when FSU isn't looking I pet him and talk to him and sometimes sneak him a treat. Just don't tell my boyfriend. Like he doesn't read this.



Rosie said...

A dog resting its head in your lap is one of the most forgiving, comforting sensations ever.

(In contrast, being woken up by a dog's cold, wet nose in your knee-pit, the back of your neck, or any other pulse points is one of the most disconcerting and alarming sensations ever!)

I think you'll be interviewing me for Neil's Great Interview Experiment

- I'm looking forward to it! Would you do me a favour though and wait until after Tuesday? This is just the kick up the pants I need to finish and post all the half-written blog entries I've got saved as drafts. You know what it's like, I'm sure.

Have a peaceful Sunday!

jackc said...
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jackc said...

You've got some questions to answer.